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    Aluminium Curtain Wall

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    The YY’curtain wall range combines in one coating efficient thermal properties with some of

    the lowest Ug values achievable in insulating glass units and a broad range of solar control.

    With so much glass being used the solar gain can be high unless it is controlled. With the

    Pilkington range we can offer high light transmission with solar control and retain the natural

    look with neutral appearance glass products.


    6063-T5/T6a aluminium extrusions
    10mm,12mm,10.76mm.. Clear temered glass,5/12/5&6/12/6 double temered glazing
    key lockable system
    Surface treatment
    Powder coating : 50 μ,Anodized : 20 - 25 μ


    The heat-insulation explosion-proof hollow glass not only can play good sound insulating, heat insulating and explosion-proof function, but also has longer service life than that of the existing common product, and can be firmly assembled on site without being supported by other components.




    YY windows and doors apply top quality hardware range from Australia, German, Italian, China top brand. Matching with YY windows and doors system, providing leisure,convenience, comfort and elegance. nature style of life.


    The glass has the advantages of novel structure, its main products are a variety of glass LOW-E glass, hollow glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, coated glass and glass curtain wall and other unique architectural style, can meet different requirements.



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    For peace of mind,YY Construction are proudly guarranteed against defects arising from faulty workmanship or material

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    Energy Efficiency

    YY windows and doors minimize heat absorption and conduction to maximize insulation and light reflection. In any climate, against extreme weather, our products conserve energy and keep your home comfortable year round.


    Use this worksheet to obtain a rough estimate for your replacement project. A Certified Milgard Dealer in your local area will provide an estimate and can offer recommendations for the product line that best fits your budget.